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July 4 Parade with Longhorn Council

Longhorn Council BSA is having a float in the 2017 Arlington 4th of July Parade. The float will have 29 American flags on it from the 1777 13-star flag to the 1960 50-star flag and all of those in between. It will also have a Texas flag. Following the float will be Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts walking the parade route. It would be nice if the scouts could carry their Unit flag or banner but it’s not necessary. Scouts should be in Class-A uniform and can wear jeans or shorts. Hats and sunscreen is a good idea. Cub Scouts riding bicycles must have helmets. BRING A WATER BOTTLE. WATER GUNS AND SUPER SOAKERS ARE NOT ALLOWED. WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HANDOUT ANYTHING ALONG THE PARADE ROUTE.

The parade starts at 9am and takes about 2 hours. Last year it started late because of a rain storm. Every year is different. The scouts need to be there by at least 8:30 am. (see drop off area below). Our entry number is #76 row 3. The parade participants line up by entry number. The Parade theme this year is “A TEXAS FOURTH OF JULY” so cowboy hats etc. are welcome. I WILL HAVE A LARGE ICE CHEST WITH WATER ON THE FLOAT, AN ADULT WILL HAND OUT WATER TO THOSE THAT WANT IT.

-Bob Horak


Drop Off Location

We have created a drop-off area on the south side of our staging area. There will be no dropping off on Cooper Street — the Arlington Police Department will strictly enforce this.

South Drop-off Area: From Park Row Dr., go north on Cooper St., turn right on Doug Russell Rd. Police and event staff will direct you to the drop-off area. As you drop off please help us keep traffic moving by using the designated drop off lanes. You may exit on the south end of the drop-off area where parking is available. See drop off map below for more information.

We encourage the use of the UTA bus shuttles.


Buses begin running between UTA Maverick Stadium and the south parade drop off area.
6:30 am
Bus arrives at City Hall to pick up judges for transport to south drop off area
7:00 am
Both buses in service between UTA Maverick Stadium and south drop off area
7:25 am
Police begin to secure streets around the parade route and Parade Lineup Area
7:30 am
Flag distribution begins
8:00 am
Bus arrives at north entrance to City Hall to pick up dignitaries for transport to Parade Lineup Area
8:20 am
Judges at Parade Lineup Area board buses for return to City Hall
8:30 am
Bus arrives back at Parade Lineup Area to pick up dignitaries who need a ride back to City Hall
9:10 am
Bus leaves Parade Lineup Area with dignitaries back to City Hall
9:20 am
Buses begin shuttle for parade participants back to UTA Maverick Stadium
9:45 am
Last parade entry projected to leave Parade Lineup Area
10:45 am
Last parade entry projected to return to Parade Lineup Area
11:45 am
Shuttle service to UTA Maverick stadium ends
1:00 pm

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